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Preserve • Enrich • Grow

We are a Lancaster, PA based private equity group who specializes in sound commercial real estate and small business investments.
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Perpetual Equity Group

We strive to find, acquire, and manage high-quality commercial real estate and private equity projects to preserve capital, enrich lives, and grow wealth for our investors and the like. Our team’s experience in real estate, finance, marketing, operations, and leadership facilitates sound alternative investments to the stock and bond markets. Through value add investing strategies Perpetual Equity Group can offer business owners and investors a more hands-on approach to their financial future than traditional money markets.


What We Do

We preserve peace of mind.

People desire sound economic conditions. People also want to live and work in a place where they can be proud of. Limited partners can invest without worry. Our general partner's comprehensive analysis provides the highest degree of confidence for our investors.

We enrich lives.

Everyone desires a place they’re proud to call home. Everyone needs hope for a promising future and a secure today. Sound private equity investments makes this possible. Our value add strategy enriches our properties and companies perpetually.

We grow liberty.

By putting money to work for us, investors can focus their valuable time and attention on the things they really value most. We believe that financial freedom starts when one is able separate time from money.