We preserve peace of mind.

We believe in making investments outside of the public exchange. This offers a sense of solace that traditional investment strategies lack. Private equity investment vehicles such as commercial multifamily real estate syndications, venture capital lending, and leveraged private business buyouts comprise the ideal investment strategy to weather recent economic downturns. However, not all private equity deals are created equally, which is why our team conducts extensive due diligence to mitigate risk and preserve investor capital & peace of mind. Not only do we want to achieve great results for our limited partners, but we want our tenants, employees, and customers to live and work in an environment that they can be proud of. If we can help our limited partners and our constituents sleep at night, then we are doing our job.

We enrich lives.

We strive to offer high-quality housing for our tenants, to grow wealth for our investors, contribute to local economies, and educate & help others. We understand that private equity investing can be a win-win for all involved and want nothing more than to grow together. Not only do we believe in the success of our holdings, but we believe in the success of our stakeholders.

We grow liberty.

Limited partners can focus their valuable time and attention on the things they value most, while we handle every aspect of the project. Allow your money to work for you and liberate your time.

How We Do It

Perpetual Equity Group acquires and manages multi-family unit investment properties through real estate syndication and tenant satisfaction. Perpetual Equity Group acquires small businesses through strategic buyouts and expert management consulting. Every step of the process from underwriting deals, due diligence, acquisition, asset management, marketing investments, to investor relations keeps peace of mind as the aim. Our simple process and masterful procedures allow us to serve others with confidence.

Through sound and comprehensive financial analysis systems, we process deals with a greater than average degree of confidence and accuracy than the competition.